We hope that everyone could use our app, especially teenagers from 8 to 15 years old since they are easy to be overweight. The app was not only made by HKIED students but also Hong Kong athletes. We strongly hope that users could know more about sports like windsurfing, rowing, and triathlon and also try to take part in so as to build up a healthy body.

Henry, Marcy and ki are not only my teachers but also my invaluable friends. Without your helps, I definitely could not release this useful app to promote health to public. Let me say "Thank you very much!"


Successful athlete: Fai







Fai's lesson

Leisure & Cultural Services Department

•Chong Hing Water Sports Centre (LV1)

•Stanley Main Beach Water Sports Centre(LV5)

•St. Stephen’s Beach Water Sports Centre(LV5)

•Tai Mei Tuk Water Sports Centre (LV1)

•The Jockey Club Wong Shek Water Sports Centre (LV3)

LV>1 easy to learn and LV>5 very Challenge

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Successful athlete: Wah

Wah was a retired athlete from Hong Kong Elite Athlete Scheme. He had nearly eleven years rowing experiences. He displays great passions for rowing and represented Hong Kong as a full time professional sportsman in various international and regional competitions with outstanding performance, etc. 2006 Asian Games, 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2010 Asian Games.

As a sportsman, sports has been an important part of his life. Rowing is not only rowing / technical skill, also the communication skill, and organization skill as rowing is an overall development both physically and also mentally. Rowing is surely his favorable sport, he is still keeping row in gym room after retired. Now it is the one to keep balance both working life and daily life for him.

“Hope the Apps can encourage you all to exercise regularly and understand the benefits of exercising to health” Wah said.

Awards (***only show some,not all))


2009 亞洲賽艇錦標賽:男子輕量級雙人雙槳艇金牌;男子雙人雙槳艇銀牌

2009 日本盃:男子四人雙槳艇金牌

2009 西班牙短途王:男子輕量級雙人雙槳艇金牌

2009 國際賽艇聯盟團體盃:男子單人艇銅牌

Wah's favourite video

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Successful athlete: Eric

Eric take part in this sport since 8 years old back in 2011. He was a swimmer before He became a pro triathlete. After all the qualification and He qualified to be part of the Hong Kong Triathlon Team.

Triathlon is one of his favorite sports and a huge part of his life. His aim is to be an Olympian in 2016. It was very luckily HE came 2nd in Asian Championships 2014 as his last year of racing in junior category. At the same year, He have a few major selections races for me including Korea Asian Games, and he has got the 8th place in the game just after those very senior Asian athletes. “It is a big jump for me in my life and sees my future in this sport can be a major!” he said. In present, He is a multiple category racer as junior sprint, U23 Olympic distance and elite events.

In the coming years, his target is to struggle the higher points in joining the2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Being the top triathlete of Hong Kong, He always keep in mind to work harder so as He can get the higher points in Asia and even in the world. Able to reach top 1 in Asian ranking of elite male, which is possible.

“What I think is what I do.” Eric said

Career highlight (***only show some, not all)

•Hong Kong Triathlon National Championships (Elite Men) 1st (2015)

•New Taipei ASTC Triathlon Asian Championships (Elite Men) 4th (2015)

•Incheon Asian Games (Elite Men) 8th position (2014)

•Burabay ASTC Triathlon Junior Asian Championships 2nd position (2014)

•Hong Kong ASTC Triathlon U23 Asian Championships 2nd position(2014)

•Phuket ASTC Triathlon Asian Beach Games(4xMixed Relay)3rd position(2014)

Eric's lesson

Good place to play

•For swimming, Repulse Bay and Shek O Beach

•For cycling, Hong Kong Science Park and Tai mei Tuk

•For running, Shing Mun River jogging trail and Saigon MacLehose Trail

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